Florida Green Building Coalition


At Green Design Construction & Development, LLC we strive to design and construct projects with our environment in mind. We are motivated by a desire to help people increase their quality of life while living in greater harmony with our natural surroundings. These principles make us proud to be members of the Florida Green Building Coalition. If you are reading this as a fellow innovator, please check out the background and facts below, provided by FGBC, and consider taking part in what we like to call, conservation through innovation.

 The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a non-profit Florida corporation, founded in 2000, and dedicated to helping builders, developers, contractors, local governments and consumers achieve a healthier and more environmentally sustainable future.

 FGBC is a membership-based organization with 800 members. Its members include professionals in areas such as construction, land development, engineering, architecture, land planning, real estate, manufacturing, education, and government.

 The organization has developed and administers five green building certification programs: o Residential o Commercial buildings o Hi-Rise residential (multi-family) o Land-development o Local government

 The Florida Green Building Coalition Standards are based on climate specific criteria for Florida’s hot, humid environment, distinguishing it from national standards and resulting in improved building performance. Compliance with the standards is ensured through independent, third-party verification.

 With over 5,000 residential projects certified, along with 55+ land development projects, 50+ local governments, and numerous commercial buildings participating in the FGBC certification programs, FGBC is the leading certifier of green projects in Florida.

 FGBC regularly offers education programs on a wide range of green building and sustainability topics to industry professionals and the public.

 FGBC’s Green Local Government certification program is currently the only one of its type in the country. It provides municipalities a step-by-step toolkit for developing and implementing sustainability plans that encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices across all government functions. Benefits to the community include improved quality of life, reduced operating cost for the municipality, better risk and asset management, improved communications, and greater public awareness of how lifestyle choices affects the community.